I love Opinions.

I love hearing them, expressing them, and debating them. 

I once read an article about leadership that opined (and I’m paraphrasing here) that women fail often because they fail to assert an opinion.  Right or wrong, men take a stand and keep moving.  Women dance around putting a stake in the ground until it’s too late or someone else steps in. 

Now this is a grotesque generalization and every woman worth her weight in testosterone will rally against it.  In practice, however, I’ve seen it bear out more often than I care to. 

Another saying that has always stuck with me is that “NOT making a decision, is a decision.”  It is actively choosing to be passive.  For the life of me, I just cannot BEAR to be PASSIVE!

I know I mortify some.  I’m sure there are more than a few who think I’m a dramatic nutjob.  I have absolutely no doubt that I would have achieved more in my career if I had just kept my big pie-hole shut.

But I can’t.

Never could.

If I listen to that darling, Marcus Buckingham, I really just need to get over this and focus on what I do well. 

But expressing my opinion is something I think I DO do well (don’t say “do do”).  I like being around others who express theirs.  I prefer those whose opinions are at least slightly different to mine or I feel like there’s really no point in talking at all.  I’ve already examined my own thoughts.  If you’ve reached exactly the same conclusions then how absurd of us to sit around congratulating ourselves on how f*cking brilliant we are.  I mean really!

That’s why I love it when Facebook asks me why I click ads closed.  They do a decent job at targeting their “Fan” ads based on what is in my profile but occasionally, they deliver something that is just not my cuppa.  I close the ad, usually to see what else is next, and they respond with a single question:  “Why didn’t you like this ad?” 

This is genius.  Revolutionary!  A complete departure from the maddening, pop-up surveys that have annoyed Internet users for more than a decade with their invasiveness, their soporific length, and their indefinitely post-poned payoff.

Tell me, WHY!?!?!?!?! isn’t ALL advertising accompanied by such simple, impactful inquiries as the Facebook ones?

I want to be able to click on my TV ads and tell them, guess again you idiot spray-and-pray ‘artists’, I am not suffering from Erectile Dysfunction! 

If I see an ad that makes me laugh out loud, I want a QR code in the corner that I can post to my FB and abbreviate from @SCHugarmama to show my other nerdy friends who like advertising how thrilling it can be when someone gets it right.

You know what else?  I want my ads, wherever I am, to recognize me and customize to my lifestage, interests, and purchasing cycle.  Why?  Because as one former boss said, “People don’t hate advertising.  They hate irrelevant advertising.” 

Whether on politics, advertising, or motherhood, I’m not humble or apologetic about my opinions. 

Saying “in my humble opinion” or “IMHO” is a spurious admission.  If you were honestly humble, you wouldn’t bother making a statement in the first place. 

No, I’m not going to participate in your survey.  I’m not going to join a focus group or sign up for your community or even open your email.  And I’ll probably opt-out of said email because you never bothered to ask me how often you’d like me to receive notes from you or if the notes you’re sending are even remotely meeting my expectations.

While I’m at it, I’m also not going to clip your damn coupon and carry it around with me in my already cluttered wallet hoping that I have it with me when and if I need to buy your product.  WHY don’t you just give me a coupon on site?  And what are you thinking with putting expiration dates on them?  (Besides helping our military.)

Could you BE any more demanding? 

I’m the one buying your product… how about a little appreciation?!?

Advertisers think they know us.  They have all manner of opinions about us.  And they’re certainly entitled to them.

Having opinions doesn’t make you an ass… not examining them does.

2 thoughts on “IMNSHO”

  1. I’m catching up on your site. I was thinking about this recently. Remember how Dr. Spock was THE childcare expert way back when? These days so much of what he’s said has been proven wrong.

    But he was the expert because he was the one who had the guts to say “This is how it is.” And people just followed his advice blindly.

    Personally, I like to hang out with people who I know will tell me what they think, who will be straight with me. At least you always know where you stand with them. Not knowing where I stand with people makes me nervous and guarded.

  2. I know what you mean… meek and mumbly makes me itch. I had a frenemy once who was incapable of telling the truth if it was even mildly negative. “You look nice.” “I don’t mind.” etc. Drove me NUTZ!

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