Mommy Hours

Warning:  This isn’t one of those “deep thoughts” posts that I fancy myself to have been creating.

It just occurred to me last night as I was flipping through a ridiculous number of channels, procrastinating any housework that might be piled up on my bedroom floor or on the dining room table, and wrestling with the couch pillows for a comfortable position – I really want to go shopping.

It almost didn’t matter where.

But since I loathe sacrificing the 5-8p portion of my day to anything other than Peanut-time, I don’t often go out after work.  As any of you familiar with toddlers knows, taking them with you can be like navigating Forest’s box of chocolates – if half of those chocolates were poisonous.  With gravel and razorblades in them.  And combustible.

I would really like to go out after I put Calamity Jayne to sleep.

How great would it be if retail outfits picked one day a week to be open until 11p?  They could open late that day, I don’t care.  But give me a couple of hours where I can shop for shoes (because they’re the only thing that isn’t obnoxiously oversized now), or kids clothes, or household goods, or arts & crafts, or… well, like I said.  I’d shop for anything.

It got me thinking… maybe I’m just a dummy without a clue.  Maybe stores are already DOING this and I’m just living in the dark and wasting some valuable shopping opportunities.  So I checked.

Here, in all their glory, are the shopping hours of some of my favorite time-killing, money-sucking, halls of commerce:

  • Target – Open until 11p M-F  (WHO KNEW?!?!?!?!)
  • Kohls – Open until 10p T-Sa (Not too shabby.)
  • Marshall’s & TJ Maxx– Open until 9:30 M-Sa (I think they can do better.)
  • DSW – Open until 9p M-Sa
  • Home Depot – Varies by store but many are Open until 10p M-Sa and SOME are open until Midnight.  (I feel a new project coming on…I can do it.  They can help.)
  • Home Goods – Open until 9:30p M-Sa (Cue choir of angels!)
  • Michael’s Crafts – Open until 9p M-Sa

World Market, Pottery Barn, JoAnn Fabrics and Z Gallerie didn’t list their hours.  I suppose they want me to call the store and find out?  Fat chance, suckers. 

I know many of my mum friends shop online, and until recently saved themselves the considerable retail tax of cities like Chicago (10% WHAT?!?!?!?!).  However, as someone who works from home and works online, I get very little joy from shopping online.  Unless there is a store I can’t visit (The Company Store, Ballard Designs, etc.) or I get massive savings & convenience thrown my way ( &, I really don’t see the point.  I know, I know… I WORK in online advertising.  I’m SUPPOSED to be all “ecommercy” and stuff.  Suck it.  I’m not.  Advertise to me – promote your sales – and make it easy for me to shop you however I want… not however YOU want.  That’s how you get my business.  Everyone knows that no self-respecting W25-54 with kids in the household will click on your ad.  Unless maybe there’s a coupon code.  Please don’t get me started on this.  I have nothing nice to say.

But I’ve gone off-topic…

I don’t know if the later store hours discovery is good news or bad (I fear my spending may go up considerably), but I want to thank these stores for being considerate enough to employ staff and keep their doors open into the night.  Maybe I won’t be shopping late every night but now I at least have the option of giving my girl(s) all my attention during their waking hours and still having some mommy-time doing projects, or dressing up our home and our selves.

Ok mamas and shoppahs, what are YOUR favorite late night or odd-hour shops?  Do you get the same thrill picking out stuff online as you do in-store?  Teach me your ways.  I’m about to go plastic.

Hooray for Retail!

2 thoughts on “Mommy Hours”

  1. Great post–I’m still so amazed that more retailers haven’t modified their store hours to better accommodate Mom’s schedule–especially those Moms who work outside of the home. Time is precious (and time is also money).

    I am on the complete opposite end of the spectrum–I have teenagers, so late night shopping is not really an option (unless I want to head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is open until 9:30 PM in the suburbs). However, I do look for stores that are open before 9:00–I can get some serious shopping done after the kids are at school and before I hit my desk. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of options. Whole Foods and Target both open at 8 AM and Home Depot cracks the doors at a whopping 6:30 AM (you never know when the mood to buy a faucet will hit ya), but the rest of the retailers don’t open until 9 or 10 AM during the week.

    While parents of teens do have an easier time getting out of the house alone (pure luxury after having survived the toddler years), those late afternoon/evening hours are usually spent at a kid sporting event, school concert or just trying to organize homework. If you don’t open until 10 and you close at 6, you’ve missed me completely Monday-Friday.

    1. Oh lord, I haven’t even started thinking about the teen year dramas. It would really make sense to have one early start and one late finish a week. It would be nice if all stores organized on the same schedule so that you always know which day you can get some extra errands run during non-peak hours. That reminds me of another retailer suggestion I have… loyalty coupons auto uploaded to your mobile. If I get one more ridiculous product coupon from Jewel for something I have never and will never buy… I may have to fire them. I HATE paper coupons. HATE. Why are we still wasting all that paper AND clogging up the unbelievably mismanaged Post AND subsidizing mass mailings? It’s insanity. Let me scan my phone at the register so that all the products I normally buy get downloaded. Let me select the manufacturers – YES ALL OF THEM – that I use, and let them deliver coupons to me as they are available. If I buy them, the coupon is auto detected and removed from my bill. The more coupons I use from my dear friends at Kimberly-Clark or General Mills or Tom’s of Maine, the more coupons (or the bigger the value on the coupon). Come on, it’s not that difficult is it?

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