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Mommy Hours

Warning:  This isn’t one of those “deep thoughts” posts that I fancy myself to have been creating.

It just occurred to me last night as I was flipping through a ridiculous number of channels, procrastinating any housework that might be piled up on my bedroom floor or on the dining room table, and wrestling with the couch pillows for a comfortable position – I really want to go shopping.

It almost didn’t matter where.

But since I loathe sacrificing the 5-8p portion of my day to anything other than Peanut-time, I don’t often go out after work.  As any of you familiar with toddlers knows, taking them with you can be like navigating Forest’s box of chocolates – if half of those chocolates were poisonous.  With gravel and razorblades in them.  And combustible.

I would really like to go out after I put Calamity Jayne to sleep.

How great would it be if retail outfits picked one day a week to be open until 11p?  They could open late that day, I don’t care.  But give me a couple of hours where I can shop for shoes (because they’re the only thing that isn’t obnoxiously oversized now), or kids clothes, or household goods, or arts & crafts, or… well, like I said.  I’d shop for anything.

It got me thinking… maybe I’m just a dummy without a clue.  Maybe stores are already DOING this and I’m just living in the dark and wasting some valuable shopping opportunities.  So I checked.

Here, in all their glory, are the shopping hours of some of my favorite time-killing, money-sucking, halls of commerce:

  • Target – Open until 11p M-F  (WHO KNEW?!?!?!?!)
  • Kohls – Open until 10p T-Sa (Not too shabby.)
  • Marshall’s & TJ Maxx– Open until 9:30 M-Sa (I think they can do better.)
  • DSW – Open until 9p M-Sa
  • Home Depot – Varies by store but many are Open until 10p M-Sa and SOME are open until Midnight.  (I feel a new project coming on…I can do it.  They can help.)
  • Home Goods – Open until 9:30p M-Sa (Cue choir of angels!)
  • Michael’s Crafts – Open until 9p M-Sa

World Market, Pottery Barn, JoAnn Fabrics and Z Gallerie didn’t list their hours.  I suppose they want me to call the store and find out?  Fat chance, suckers. 

I know many of my mum friends shop online, and until recently saved themselves the considerable retail tax of cities like Chicago (10% WHAT?!?!?!?!).  However, as someone who works from home and works online, I get very little joy from shopping online.  Unless there is a store I can’t visit (The Company Store, Ballard Designs, etc.) or I get massive savings & convenience thrown my way (Diapers.com & Soap.com), I really don’t see the point.  I know, I know… I WORK in online advertising.  I’m SUPPOSED to be all “ecommercy” and stuff.  Suck it.  I’m not.  Advertise to me – promote your sales – and make it easy for me to shop you however I want… not however YOU want.  That’s how you get my business.  Everyone knows that no self-respecting W25-54 with kids in the household will click on your ad.  Unless maybe there’s a coupon code.  Please don’t get me started on this.  I have nothing nice to say.

But I’ve gone off-topic…

I don’t know if the later store hours discovery is good news or bad (I fear my spending may go up considerably), but I want to thank these stores for being considerate enough to employ staff and keep their doors open into the night.  Maybe I won’t be shopping late every night but now I at least have the option of giving my girl(s) all my attention during their waking hours and still having some mommy-time doing projects, or dressing up our home and our selves.

Ok mamas and shoppahs, what are YOUR favorite late night or odd-hour shops?  Do you get the same thrill picking out stuff online as you do in-store?  Teach me your ways.  I’m about to go plastic.

Hooray for Retail!